Kit Keenan Weight Loss

Kit Keenan Weight Loss, Did She Really Lose Weight?

Being the daughter of famous fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, Kit Clementine Keenan stood out in the Bachelor show season 25 also she has a huge following on social media. She’s an American Socialite, daughter of William Keenan Jr and Cynthia Rowley. She was born on May 20, 1999. She likes to share her workout tips and recipes which reflect her healthy, good body image thoughts and some of her weight loss journey. Let’s dig into this article to find out more about her weight loss journey if she had any.

Did Kit Keenan Really Undergo Weight Loss?

There’s no such clear proof or her saying that indicates that she actually went through a weight loss journey only that she used to post about workout tips and recipes. The other reason for her posts could be her liking and interest to talk about health and fitness. Later, in an interview with Elle, she said that she realized how all her posts regarding fitness can help other people who are going through some hard times having overweight and obese issues. She mentioned:

“It’s really eye-opening to hear about workout posts and how they might affect people [with eating disorders] because I post a lot about health and fitness on my account. I show my workouts in videos, you know? So it was eye-opening to me to have the opportunity to think through some things I post online and be like, “Wait, how can this affect somebody going through this mental turmoil? How is my presence online interpreted in different ways than I think about?”

There’s no such evidence proving her weight loss journey but the positive thing which should be considered is her willingness to inspire millions of people who are going through overweight issues through her posts on social media. Although her tips are really helpful only if you start working on some her tips.

Kit Keenan Weight Loss Diet Plan.

If you look into her posts you are more likely to find her amazing recipes which she’s really passionate about in order to help overweight or obese people who are having difficulty in picking the right healthy food for themselves. Once she made a YouTube video solely on her eating habit and what she eats in a day where she also shared some of her healthy meal ideas like smoothies, veggie burger snacks etc. She also mentioned that she loves picking recipe ideas from different people so she can share it with her fans and she was so motivated when she was filming the video. A disclaimer in her video could be seen saying:

“I am not a nutritionist or registered dietician. This is just one day of eating for me, every day is completely different! Please take this simply as inspiration for meal and recipe ideas.”

She talked about adding different meals to her diet plan every day and that she never stick to one plan. Sometimes she prefers having proteins the whole day, doing intermittent fasting and sometimes consuming plant-based food. According to her, you should keep changing your everyday diet plan.

Kit Keenan Weight Loss Workout Routine

In her workout videos, she shares some tips like extension for back pain, ankle weight ab workout or pre-thanksgiving cardio strikes. Lately, she shared her lean arms exercise routine on social media. In an interview with Sunday Edit, she told one of her favourite workouts. She said:

“I love LISS (low-intensity steady state) training like walking and Pilates — it’s easier on the joints and keeps the muscles long and lean.”

Running in new cities is her favourite thing to do as she told about her travelling. More importantly, she mentioned not going to any gym and only prefer doing workouts at home to stay fit using only jump ropes, bands, ankles weights, foam roller and dumb shells. She told the source Amazon from where she got all the things. Keenan talked about how she gained back her energy after a hardcore workout saying:

“Protein and fats! I work out first thing in the morning, so I love having some sort of egg and avocado combo after a workout.”

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There’s no such clear evidence of her weight loss journey but her posts are meant to be so motivating and inspiring on social media which is also really helping people struggling with overweight. So choose the suitable tips and start working on them from today if you want to stay fit like Kit Keenan.

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