Priscilla Block Weight Loss

The holidays are a time to reflect on the good and bad of the past year, and one thing that many people struggle with is weight loss; if you’re one of those who has been unsuccessful in losing weight in the past and would like to see some improvement this year.

Priscilla Block

Block, raised in North Carolina, has always been fascinated with music. She and her mother both sang praise songs at church, and she eventually developed a passion for the guitar. She chuckles and says, “I was that girl who was learning all the Taylor Swift songs on the guitar. I wrote my first song when I was 15, and I simply fell in love with creating and singing for others. I would play for everyone who would listen to me.

Block has gained a devoted online fan base and a following since meeting her team. Her song “Thick Thighs” became a fan favorite during live performances after becoming famous on TikTok. The hymn for female empowerment means as much to Block as it does to her followers. She says, “That song represents 100% me in a nutshell. It started out as a joke, we started performing it live, and the reception was very nice. She recorded the song as a result, much to the delight of the fans. I had to pen “Thick Thighs” to accept who I am genuinely and maybe, inspire others to do the same.

Priscilla Block’s Weight Loss 

Priscilla Block has always been a healthy weight, but like many people, she struggled to maintain weight after getting married and having children. She says she never felt comfortable in her skin until she reached her mid-30s. “I was just so unhappy with myself,” Priscilla recalls. “I didn’t like how I looked, and I didn’t like how my body was changing.”

Priscilla started trying different diets and exercise programs, but nothing worked for her.

In 2009, she decided to see a doctor about her weight problem and, after doing some tests, learned that she had polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a condition that affects women’s hormones and can cause them to have difficulty losing weight. Priscilla was surprised to hear this news because she had never heard of it before.

After learning more about PCOS, Priscilla decided to take action. She started making changes to her diet and began exercising regularly. It was tough at first, but Priscilla was determined to lose weight. Over the next few years, she lost dozens of pounds and finally felt happy with herself again. 

Helpful advice from Priscilla Block.

The first step is to commit yourself. Priscilla Block believes that if you genuinely want to lose weight, you have to be willing to work for it. She suggests starting your New Year’s resolution by setting a goal weight and then working towards it every day, even if you don’t see results immediately.

Secondly, remember that weight loss isn’t a one-time event. You will likely experience some setbacks along the way, but it’s important not to give up. It can take time and effort, but eventually, you will see results.

Finally, it’s important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine throughout your weight loss journey. If you do these things correctly, you are more likely to avoid any adverse side effects associated with being overweight or obese, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and many other health problems.

How does the Priscilla Block Diet work?

Diet was Priscilla Block’s primary area of attention. Since of her numerous failures, she contacted a dietitian to help her with her diet plan. She began cutting out junk food and eating low-carb, low-calorie items to aid in her weight loss efforts. The presumptive diet plan changed from day to day.

  • Breakfast – eggs, sandwiches
  • Lunch – Leafy vegetables, soup, salads, and a type of meaty fish
  • Evening snacks – Fruits (sometimes), green tea/coffee
  • Dinner – Chicken steak, boiled vegetables
What are the benefits of the Priscilla Block Diet?

The Priscilla Block Diet is a safe and sustainable weight loss plan to help you gradually lose weight.

  • The diet is balanced and includes a variety of healthy foods.
  • The diet is easy to follow and has no special requirements.
  • The diet can help you lose weight without hunger or deprivation.
What Foods are Allowed on the Priscilla Block Diet?

The Priscilla Block is a weight loss plan restricting certain foods. The block diet includes six food groups: fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, dairy, and nut

s. Here is a list of all the foods allowed on the Priscilla Block diet.

Fruits: All fruits are allowed on the Priscilla Block diet, which includes fresh, frozen, and canned fruits.

Vegetables: Vegetables are also allowed on the Priscilla Block diet, which includes all types of vegetables, including leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower), cruciferous root vegetables (butternut squash, sweet potatoes), and edible flowers and herbs.

Legumes: Legumes are allowed on the Priscilla Block diet, which includes beans (black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans) and lentils.

Gains: Grains are not allowed on the Priscilla Block diet, which includes all types of grains (rice, quinoa, oats). However, other grains, such as barley and couscous, are allowed.

Dairy: Dairy is not allowed on the Priscilla Block


If you’re looking for a weight loss program that’s both sustainable and affordable, then Priscilla Block might be the perfect fit for you. Not only does this program offer plenty of support and motivation, but it also includes a wide variety of delicious recipes and meal plans to make sticking to your plan as easy as possible. Plus, the fact that it’s offered at no cost to you makes it an even more attractive option.

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